Triangle Design Vision & Goals Planner, JAN 2020 – JUNE 2021


Triangle Design Vision and Goals Planner Jan-June 2020


The Vision and Goals Planner provides the framework for planning your growth January 2020 through June 2021! This printable Planner is structured to include the most important aspects of your life and help to personalize your experience. Customize the pages to meet your needs and achieve your goals!

  • Printable Planner for January 2020 – June 2021
  • Class Schedule – Easily keep track of classes for yourself or family members
  • Work/Family Schedule – Manage work, family, or activities with this joint schedule
  • Vision Board – Step-by-step guidance on creating your vision for your life
  • Projects – Easy-to-use project planning tool that helps you manage people, expenses, milestones, and more
  • Goals – Visualize your SMART Goals and benchmarks and take the first step towards success
  • Growth Mindset – Think in positive terms, overcome obstacles, kick bad habits, and get ready to grow!
  • Accountability – Stay focused year-round with an accountability partner
  • Monthly Calendar – Start your month with affirmations, goals, benchmarks, and self-care
  • Weekly Calendar – Manage your daily activities with a 5am to 10pm schedule, habit tracker (drink 8 glasses of water!),
  • reflection, and more
  • Week-In-Review – The road to self-improvement is on the path of reflection. Review your week–the highs and lows–and
  • plan for success
  • Week Ahead – Incorporate your week-in-review reflection to plan for the week ahead
  • Year-End Reflection – Your opportunity to reflect on your goals and your next steps
  • Notes Pages – Additional note pages for your planning throughout the planner

*NOTE: This is a downloaded resource that you can print on your own.  The download is available immediately after purchase for 1 download.  Email us with any questions, concerns, or issues.


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